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GHOR-30 Making an Adorable Heroine Your Servant Ⅴ

Hatsune Kagari/Blade Blue is a only female member of Blade Five. She spends every day as heroine with justice mind and cool sense. One day Blade Blue fights with Kairus, a monster of Galaxy Guild. Then a woman is watching for them. Her name is Kaoru Miyabi (her IQ is highly 192) who teaches depth psychology in Teito University. Kaoru has a longing feeling for Blade Blue. Her mind is increased day by day, and finally she peeps Hatsune’s private seen with hidden camera. Kaoru encounter a turning point in her life. Blade Five broadcast a commercial for recruitment of a new member. Kaoru applies and gets chance to attend a final selection but then she is appointed her personal problem by Hatsune. After that Kaoru becomes a Hatsune’s assistant. Kaoru conceive a malice to Hatsune and plans to revenge her. Kaoru put love drug into Hatsune’s transforming costume to let her a servant. Hatsune is driven by sexual desire during a fight, so she gets a Kaoru’s therapy and fall in her trap. Hatsune finally becomes a Kaoru’s servant…[BAD END]

GHOR-30 01
GHOR-30 02

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