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GHOR-19 Super Unit Shield Five Mika Momono

Mika Momono/Shield Pink had a mission to transport “Sky Bracelet” to a secret base of Shield Five. “Sky Bracelet” is the most powerful defense equipment which makes an equipped person invincible. Shield Red and the other members disguise the other transporting group as a decoy to attract evil organization Dead Darc. Dr. Serpent of Dead Darc has already known that “Sky Bracelet” is transported solely by Mika Momono. If Dead Darc get “Sky Bracelet,” Shield Five will be demolished. Mika Momono makes up her mind to protect “Sky Bracelet” by herself. She tries to battle with violent Tramazoo but finally “Sky Bracelet” is robbed by Dead Darc. Mika Momono/Shield Pink faces to invincible villain. What is happen to her next? [BAD END]

GHOR-19 01
GHOR-19 02

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