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GHOR-14 Cheer Knights

Beautiful Girl Soldier Cheer Sapphire was given the power by Zeus and has battled with evil tribe but she is beaten and captured by Kirito, cadre of monster tribe. She tries to stand Kirito’s sexual stimulus but she has no hope with losing her transforming power. She finally has incontinence and she is disgraced by Kirito. When Kirito tries to take her to the monster world, Zeus gives last chance to her. She transforms into Cheer Sapphire and destroy Kirito’s magic square one after another. She doesn’t notice yet…Cheer Sapphire already had monster sperm by internal ejaculation, so now she can’t stand her internal stimulus. She is captured and tortured by monster tribe again. Her body feels superior orgasm and further more. [BAD END]

GHOR-14 01
GHOR-14 02
GHOR-14 03

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