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GHLS-01 Super Heroine Betrayal Lesbian Surrender -Star Angel -Mad Lover Pegasus

Actress : Ameri Hoshi,  Aoi Mizutani 
Director : Tadayuki Hasegawa
Characters : Magic Girl 

Star Angel protect the Earth from the evil organization “Dark Chaos.” Pegasus, blue fighter of Star Angel, loves Andromeda, pink fighter of Star Angel. Pegasus kissed Andromeda and expresses her love to Andromeda. However, they are both women. Andromeda couldn’t accept Pegasus’ favor and accidentally said, “Disgusting.” Although Pegasus is deeply shocked, Pegasus supports Andromeda during the battle. Andromeda gradually opens her mind to Pegasus and finally accepts her. The two make love. However, Andromeda doesn’t notice that Pegusus has betrayed colleagues to attract Andromeda…[BAD END]

GHLS-01 01
GHLS-01 02

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