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GHKR-88 Female Spy

Black Lily, it’s a female spy’s code name, has two faces selectively, a company president for her outer self and a spy for her inner self. She sneaks into evil organization Hydras as a secretary for female cadre Dia but she is disclosed her real identity and captured. Lily is tortured by Dia but Lily never confesses the secret. “Any kind of torture is not effective for me,” Lily smilingly said. Then, Spade, a cadre of Hydras, appears. He was Lily’s instructor when she was a rookie. “You must know that any tortures aren’t effective because you had trained me,” Lily said. She was shocked by betrayal of the man that she loved before. “Of course, I’ve trained you to withstand any torture, however you have a weak point,” Spade said and start tickling Lily’s body. Lily is put a blindfold and tickled. Spade put an itch medicine under her armpit and tortures with tickling. [BAD END]


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