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GHKR-71 Stallion Mask -Masked Sister Maria

Maria was fighting in conflict areas around the world as a mercenary, but converted to become a sister. The monk evaluated Maria’s fighting power and appointed her as Masked Sister Maria, a punisher who judged the villains in secret. One day, Maria rescues a man named Onan who escaped from the secret society Ragiel, a devil worship organization and repeats terrorist attacks on Augus. Onan knew that the holy relic will be punishmentd and steal it from Ragiel to regain his life with his son Arhem. Onan is targeted by Ragiel so Maria shelters him in the church but the Father betrays Maria. Onan will be executed in public as a heretic. Maria rush to the site to rescue Onan but it was a trap. Stallion Mask takes Arhem hostage. Maria is publicly tortured! [BAD END]

GHKR-71 01
GHKR-71 02

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