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GHKR-64 Cheer Knights -The Highest Pleasure! Birth of King Ecstasy!

King Ecstasy, a monster who attack and disgrace women and kill them with violent sex in the night, targets Cheer Sapphire/Maina Kaido. Ampler from underground group Destruct cooperates with King Ecstasy and gives darkness power to enhance his desire. Cheer Sapphire is defeated by King Ecstasy because he transcended human ability. When Ampler tries to kill Cheer Sapphire, King Ecstasy betrays Ampler because King Ecstasy made a promise to disgrace Cheer Sapphire. King Ecstasy uses love potion and sexual technique to feel ecstasy with Cheer Sapphire. Cheer Sapphire has never experienced such a pleasure and disgrace. Is she able to escape from the hell? [BAD END]

GHKR-64 01
GHKR-64 02

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