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GHKR-63 Handsome Boy Hero Shameful Surrender

A novice hero Spandale’s trademark is blue steel eye mask. He tries to catch up experienced fighter Mighty Boy. “I want to catch up him as soon as possible. I have to.” A mysterious woman Restina (there are bad rumors about her) appears before him. Two handsome heroes are driven into the corner by vicious trap. During they are losing their sense, they are surgically operated. Restina viciously takes advantage of their sense of justice. Spandale and Mighty Boy look each other and do lecherous things. They were aware of their favor. Mighty Boy ejaculates his sperm into Spandale’s hands. Restina smiles like a dog. Mighty Boy inserts his erected dick into Spandale. They can’t back to normal anymore. Spandale is disgraced by unknown men. He is forcibly ejaculated over and over again. He flashes peace signs with empty eyes. Come on, don’t lose Spandale! You can only rescue Mighty Boy!! [BAD END]

GHKR-63 01

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