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GHKR-54 Spandexer Cosmo Angel -The Dead’s Mass Attack

Aika is a city news reporter of Metro View. She transforms into Spandexer to fight with evils. One day, an explosion is happened in a pharmaceutical company Jima and the virus is scattered. Spandexer rushes into the site but monsters who were born by experience in Jima attack people there. Spandexer narrowly rescues young boys who were attacked by monsters. However, they were Dr. Shinohara’s sons. (Dr. Shinohara is a head researcher in Jima.) Dr. Shinohara manipulate a monitoring camera and speaker in Jima and ask Spandexer to bring his sons back to him before they develop a disease. Spandexer manages to bring them to Dr. Shinohara although she is attacked by a biological weapon. However, Dr. Shinohara’s real purpose is to utilize Spandexer as a toy of the dead, biological weapons revived from death…[BAD END]

GHKR-54 01

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