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GHKR-39 The Masked Middle-Aged Beauty Ni Hyan

Strong three genies appeared before the Masked Middle-Aged Beauty Ni Hyan, although three genies were defeated by Ni Hyan before. “I’ll tell you that you never defeat me. I’ll fight with evils until my life ends,” Ni Hyan said. However, she was exhausted by previous fights. Spider Genie’s spider web, Pro-wrestling Genie’s brute strength, and Electric Genie’s electric current attack Ni Hyan. Ni Hyan is attacked by three genies and tortured by Devilulu. She is tortured with vibrator and is violently disgraced and internally ejaculated. Ni Hyan is finally died with choking. [BAD END]

GHKR-39 01
GHKR-39 02

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