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GHKR-30 Witch Girl Pure Cute

Saori Suwanai came from magical world but when she arrived to the human world, her memory was deleted. Saori is now an ordinary female student. Meanwhile, the incidents that men were attacked in all over Japan and were deprived their all sexual desires and turn into mobs are happened. Katyusha (ex-magical girl) has been watching human world as an owner of a grocery store. Katyusha thinks that Funya Funya Corps which deprive men’s sexual desire to ruin them occurred the incidents. Katyusya let Saori become Pure Cute. Katyusha says to Saori, “Retrieve men’s sexual desire by the power of holy sexual magic and save humans from extinction.” However, Saori doesn’t know much about men. Pure Cute/Saori stands up to the fight!! [BAD END]

GHKR-30 01 GHKR-30 02

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