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GHKR-15 Retirement Heroine -Trapped Sailor Elmis

Yukina Hirokawa used to protect peace of the town as Sailor Elmis, but now she married and spends peaceful days with her husband. One day, she meets the God who used to let her Sailor Girl again. The God asks her to help. The God tells her that a puppet master Marion came from Dark Zone to capture Sailor fighters and change Sailor fighters into puppets to collect them. Elmis reluctantly to sneak into Marion’s hideout although her physical strength decreased and her costume doesn’t fit her body now. Shortly, she fights with combatants but she can’t fight with them as of old. She is ashamed and finally captured by Marion. Elmis is mass attacked and thoroughly surrendered. In addition, her shameful situation is seen by her husband who were also kidnapped by Marion… [BAD END]

GHKR-15 01

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