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GHKR-11 Heroine Garbage Waste Disposal

“You are rubbish if you don’t know the importance of small and weak person’s life.” When Fontaine punishes a member of the Mafia “Kin Ryu Ko-ji,” her destiny might be decided. On the other hand, Sakuma tries to avenge his brother who were dead in madness. Everyone has their own reason whether justice or evil. Fontaine is defeated by slyness of the evil. Her innocent mind caused her ruin. She is confined over a month. Fontaine couldn’t stand dirt, bad smell, and hunger. Sakuma approaches her an evil proposal. However, it was a trap to throw her into the depths of surrender. Endress disgrace to Fontaine is started. Fontaine’s noble costume is disgraced. She is rubbed on her crotch with gloves and carelessly feel orgasm. Fontaine tries not to be deprived her eye mask by Sakuma. She is forcibly drunk a suspicious capsule and… When she is seen at the waste-collection point, her legend as a “garbage” heroine has already started… Fontaine approaches a homeless person, holding her student ID in her mouth. The ID shows her real identity. “I’m a garbage heroine, Fontaine…” Half-naked Fontaine talks like a fool. What is going to happen to Fontaine!!? [BAD END]

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