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GHKR-09 Heroine White Eye Blackout 27 Bird Soldier White Swan

White Swan succeeded in depriving the specifications of the space station “Devil Buscher.” She thinks it becomes a critical item to destroy the evil organization Satan Cross, if she analyzes it in the science laboratory. She was escaping from the opponent’s territory. However, she couldn’t escape easily from the chase of a persistent female cadre Rivia. Rivia’s vengeful thought was very strong because she is injured on her face by White Swan. Then, strong monster One-Eyed Skull appears before White Swan. Her energy is almost empty. She faces to the reckless battle to protect the specification. She believes it provides world peace. She fights solely but is driven into the corner. Female cadre Rivia tortures White Swan. White Swan loses her consciousness over and over again with rolling her eyes back. She is toyed her face and thoroughly disgraced. Female Cadre Rivia humiliate White Swan further… [BAD END]

GHKR-09 01
GHKR-09 02

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