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GHKR-08 Tales Cruel Suppression

“What can you do Magnolia? I think you were lost.” Tales Valkyrie overwhelmingly surpass Magnolia. Just after she overlooks Magnolia, Balbalo, an assassin of the dark empire “Rezuruha” and his subordinates appear before Valkyrie. The assassin kills Magnolia for a moment, and leaves puzzling words. Run never dreamed that incident happened and was happily eating a shortcake. She becomes mad at Balbalo’s sudden attack. Balbalo suppresses Valkyrie with his dirty trap and skillful conversation. Tales Valkyrie faces cruel tragedy. Balbalo can suck opponent’s body fluid to disempower its ability. Valkyrie loses her consciousness with Balbalo’s severe attack. Valkyrie urinates. She is deprived her magical ability. She is in grave danger. She is shoot on her back but her magical defense system doesn’t work. Mazer Cannon beam from the battleship in the space rain down on Tales Valkyrie. When she comes back to her life, she is covered on her face with black mask. Big scissors approach to her beautiful hair. Violence Disgrace is played in the room covered the mud. What is happen to Tales Valkyrie next!? [BAD END]

GHKR-08 01

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