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GHKR-06 Spandexer Moon Angel -Moon Angel VS Surrender Machine

Spandexer Moon Angel/Hitomi is a fighter come from the planet Omega. She protects the peace of the Earth although she is usually a teacher of Higuregaoka Academy. One day, Dr. Satonaka is attacked by old-type robot Secross 69. He is a robot designer of weapons manufacturer and has developed new AI software which imitates human intelligence. Spandexer manages to narrowly rescue Dr. Satonaka. However, criminal of the incident was Dr. Satonaka’s son Syota and Hitomi’s students. Hitomi finds out that Syota and Hitomi’s students drove robots recklessly because they were threatened by bad boy’s group leader Ryuji Kaneko. Hitomi slaps Ryuji and Ryuji has a grudge against Spandexer, so he installs the latest AI in Secross 69 to completely defeat Spandexer. Secross 69 is embedded sexual desire for Spandexer and starts training Spandexer with Torturing Machine…[BAD END]


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