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GHKR-05 Beautiful Witch Cadre Vel Maria -Handsome Boy Combatant Pleasure

Vel Maria, a female cadre of evil organization Lashoone, has an outstanding magical power, and glamorous lecherous body which can deduce every man. Vel Maria needs essences of young men to keep her beauty, so she changes men she likes into combatants to serve her. Combatant Number 08 is a very young boy. He used to Try Force Yellow who against Lashoone but he was set Vel Maria’s trap and became a combatant. He is Vel Maria’s most favorite combatant. His all memories of the past were erased but he still reminds fragments of his past memory. He is sometimes suffered from it. Vel Maria tortures him with pleasure every day…[BAD END]

GHKR-05 01
GHKR-05 02

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