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GHKR-04 Superheroine Domination Hell 37 -Ray Storm

Risa Arashiyama transforms into Ray Storm to fight with evils in case of emergency although she is usually a female doctor. One day, Reika Mikage, a daughter of Mikage conglomerate, is kidnapped. Risa transforms into Ray Storm to rescue Reika, but in fact Reika was a wirepuller of recent Destroy Robot Incident. Ray Storm is a hindrance for Mikage conglomerate, because Mikage conglomerate deals arms in the background. Reika plans to lure Ray Storm with a bait. Reika pretend to be kidnapped by Destroy Robots. Ray Storm manages to defeat Destroy Robots, but then Reika wears enforced suit and attacks Ray Storm. Ray Storm is overwhelmed, injured, and defeated by Reika. Reika torments Ray Storm to elicit the secret information about the power of Ray Storm. [BAD END]


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