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GGBS-07 Art Guardian

Rei the Art Guardian is given the mission to protect a jewel called the ‘Tear of the Angel’. But the transport driver changes stops the vehicle and shocks Rei with a stun gun. While she loses consciousness, she is taken to a factory. Rei wakes up and attempts to protect the jewel but the Jemo Sisters poison her. Rei somewhat hides the treasure but now she is captured. The malicious sisters are known for being very sadistic. The way Rei moans and groans is exactly what they desired. The Jemo Sisters use all sorts of techniques such as tickling and beating to torture the beautiful security guard. After hours of getting disgraced by the sisters, Rei gives up and speaks of where she hid the ‘Tear of the Angel’ but the sisters continue. Rei has become one of their favorite collection and the screams resound in the room. [BAD END]

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