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ZARD-39 Hard Body : Female Cyborg Investigator

Though Gin-ei defeated Shokuu, the damage of Misono became worse. With cyborg operation by Gin-ei, Misono was saved from death. Gin-ei returned to Tsuburagi with a nonchalant look. However, Tsuburagi started to doubt her and directed Goh-ran to check on her. Goh-ran got the proof that Gin-ei had saved Misono and succeeded in capturing her by her supernatural power. Goh-ran started to torture Gin-ei with uncovering the complex against her. On the other hand, Misono, who was starting to be concerned that she could not contact Gin-ei, rushed to her as soon as she could use her cyborg body efficiently by rehabilitation. However, she had a tough game against Goh-ran who has the supernatural power, and got captured. Tsuburagi appeared in front of the three, but he was killed by Goh-ran. And the evil tentacles of Goh-ran extended to Gin-ei and Misono...

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