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ZARD-32 Cyber Special Unit Win Mirage ZWEI - Red Rage-

Assassination Clan ”Poison” is seeking the life of the CEO of Takatsu Co. Ltd. To frustrate their plans, Hikaru Hidera, self-proclaimed ”ace” of Win Mirage, provides personal protection disguised as his secretary. However, she is betrayed by CEO’s son and is attacked by Strangler, Poison’s deadly assassin. Hikaru beats off the attack, but Hikaru’s partner Haruka Kazamatsuri, chasing Strangler too far, is caught by the enemy. Holding Haruka hostage, Poison demands surrender, but Hikaru makes CEO’s safety priority and refuses to negotiate. Haruka is tortured by Stinger, high-ranked Strangler, but she manages to escape. Meanwhile, Hikaru tries to protect CEO Takatsu, but another betrayal of his son lands them in a fresh trouble. Stinger, intent on tormenting Hikaru who cannot do anything because the CEO is taken hostage, keeps severely torturing her as she likes. Now Haruka hurries to Hikaru, but can she save the life of Takatsu and her?

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