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ZXXD-02 Star Falls Princess Seiren Universe Rai-shin

Misaki Koka, an idol, smiles at the camera like an angel. Her competent manager, Shiho Seigo, is giving her a gentle glance. They have a trusting relationship with each other like real sisters. The studio is filled with animated feeling as usual. However, Misaki is overwhelmed by a female photographer with murderous stare who has come to the studio as a substitute. Shiho follows the photographer who secretly leaves the studio and sees her steal the remembrance of Misaki’s parent whom she has not yet seen. Then Shiho is attacked by a female fighter whom she has not seen. On the other hand, Misaki searchs Shiho with anxiety. As she sees a big,sharp sword coming down on Shiho, an electronic sound brays from the remembrance. A Bright light envelopes the body of Misaki. Now she finds herself in a fighter’s costume she’s never seen. Though bewildered, Misaki and Shiho fight the enemy with the help of Heaven’s voice. But they are driven into a corner by merciless attacks.

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