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ZXXD-01 Marionet Dances in the Moonlight

Shugetsu Gakuen, a private-run high school, has been having a crop of long-term absentees due to anemia of uncertain cause etc. One student Hikari Kusakabe grows suspicious about the situation where her friends miss school for long periods one after another. Ayane Tohdou, Hikari’s childhood friend and president of the school, who is dreaded by other students because of her excessive surveillance together with other members of the school council to keep the school under control, also becomes suspicious and looks into the mystery of the long-term absence from her own point of view. One day, the student council judges the behavior of Kaede Kisaragi, a mysterious girl who was transferred from other school, as problematic and gives her warning. She gets frustrated by that and causes a rough-and-tumble. The string-puller of the school disturbance and the mysterious drug ”White Venus.” Will the student be able to regain the peaceful school days?

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