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ZARD-74 Sailor Ninja Force - Yuki Hana Evil Buster Story [Last Part]

[Episode 3] The Soil Spider is beat by the capricious power of Specter Fox. But, Nekomata, who has a crush on Specter Fox, learns that she is living in Hana and tells Nurari Hyon about it. Afraid of Specter Fox’s power, Nurari Hyon plans on capturing Specter Fox together with Hana to terminate her. But, Nekomata, still keeping affection for Specter Fox, abducts Hana, ties her up with a special type of rope that Specter Fox has weakness for, asks Specter Fox in Hana to marry him, and tortures Specter Fox who refuses. Nurari Hyon, mad about Nekomata’s betrayal, sends fighter Specters who pounce upon Shirayuki looking for Hana. Shirayuki saves Hana by defeating the fighter Specters. And, Hana, turning into Specter Fox, beats Nekomata down. [Episode 4] Nurari Hyon calls up the strongest Specter Nue to beat Specter Fox and the Shirayuki/Hana sisters. But, unable to control Nue, Nurari Hyon gets killed. Nue has had a special mission embedded by Nurari Hyon to kill Shirayuki, Hana and Specter Fox, and starts looking for them. First, Nue finds out Hana and assaults to injure her severely. Specter Fox, getting into the body of Hana, fights Nue but finds him overwhelmingly powerful, who corners and damage Specter Fox brutally. Shirayuki comes to her rescue and they flee together, but Nue keeps on chasing them. Shirayuki defends the wounded Hana in the sacred boundary, fights Nue alone, but is lost to Nue. She is captured and tortured to lure out Hana and others. Sensing Shirayuki in danger, wounded Hana searches for Shirayuki and saves her from the deadly blow which finishes up Hana instead. But, Hana comes alive again, thanks to Specter Fox who, as a nine-tailed fox, has a number of lives to spare. Specter Fox incarnates herself out of Hana’s body to join forces with Shirayuki and Hana to beat Nue.

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