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ZARD-60 Sailor Ninja [First Part]

It starts with the murder of a man who supports the Tokyo governer,Kotaro Yamaura. The detective Mika Ochiai, aka Bikini, of Tokyo PD thinks that Yoshinori Sudo,the head of Oiga Co., is behind the murder. Tsutomu Yamazaki, Yamaura’s secretary, fires the secret service from Tokyo PD and hires Hibiki Kamikusa, ex-assasin known for the underground detective ”Sailer Ninja”. Hibiki quickly proves himself by knocking down assasins and goes on to kill Sudo the Boss in his hide.But Hibiki is betrayed by Shinozaki and caught by his enemies. In the mean time,Shizuku,an assasin of Oiga Co., sneaks up on Yamaura but, in the last minute, he betrays and kill Sailer Ninjas.

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