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ZARD-59 Bat Lady

Jessica came to Japan on her own to learn Japanese culture as soon as she graduated from high school. Her hobby is to get rid of villains. Adoring Bat Lady, the heroine of her homeland, Jessica goes out to clean up molesters wearing the costume she has sewn herself. But it is far from the genuine costume as her expenses such as school fees are too high. One day, Megumi Yotsubishi, a close friend of Jessica, visits her with her butler behind. Cake and wine are laid in front of Jessica. It is a surprise Megumi has arranged for Jessica’s birthday. Another surprise is a Bat Lady’s costume! Presented with her longed-for costume, Jessica immediately pours into the streets. When she has got rid of molesters as usual, Jessica comes across an unexpected enemy! The person who happens to stand there is King, against whom Bat Lady fights in the U.S. Jessica is in panic! And so is King! Thus a battle of misconception beings!

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