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ZARD-47 Assassin: The Mission

CAT (Confidential Agent Team) is an organization secretly formed by the government to assassinate the criminals the law cannot touch. The CAT members are all former death-row convicts specially trained for assignment and if they successfully complete the mission, they get freedom. However, if they fail, death by execution awaits them.... Mihiro’s hunches were right and Yuki is captured and put in prison. After their failed mission two girls go back to CAT and explain to their instructor what exactly happened, but the opinions are divided between Kyoko and Mihiro. When it seems the three girls are no longer able to cooperate with each other again, terrible truths about the mastermind lurking in the darkness are finally revealed. Can the girls complete their mission!? Will the day come when Yuki’s sister understands Yuki’s feelings toward her!?

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