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TZZ-10 Special Agent Gun Saver

It’s the year 2035, near-future Tokyo. Advanced technology has created military robots called “Bioroids.” But the robots rebel against the government and declare a war. Japanese government sets up a special unit “Machine Gun Tokusou Section,” which also go by another name: “Gun Savers.” They are exterminators of Bioroids, much feared by terrorists. Then a series of murders occurs in the city and the victims are all scientists actively involved in the development of Bioroids. Gun Saver Rei starts her investigation and discovers something about a mysterious man called “Master,” the designer of Bioroids. Sensing that terrorists’ real target is abduction of Master himself, Rei tries to locate Master and protect him by interrogating a scientist who got involved in creating Bioroid, but little did she know that Sgt. Hagen, heinous leader of the Bioroid rebellion, is about to attempt on her life.

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