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TRH-13 Super Heroine Returns 13

In year 20XX, one criminal organization gave itself as conspirators of the Gorgon were engaging in secret maneuvers on the earth. In order to resist them, the Earth Guard was recruiting young people with full of talents and raising some warriors who could stand up to those bad guys. A young female warrior named Lime was one who succeeded to be a special member with credit. She went for demolishing the Gorgon and utilized some boxing based on Japanese martial arts, and she was able to knock down some combatants of the Gorgon without any serious troubles. In addition to that, she disguised herself and ventured into the enemy’s territory. However, she faced one very strong enemy who was the member of the cadre named Jaguar utilizing the Secret Killer Fist. And finally she was defeated by him. After that she was captured by them, and inversely she was tortured to confess a location of the Earth Guard... Her young fully ripen body was exposed in front of many nasty eyes, and she was caressed and sucked all over her body. But Lime never bent to their will. So Jaguar took harsh measures to make her loose the self gradually by the method of poking her some hidden pressure-points which could release her non-restricted free mentality. Also she was repeatedly teased her crotch with some electric massager, and finally she was messed and bathed all over her body with some strange miracle water obtaining Jaguar’s high spirited energy...

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