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TOR-46 Cyber Special Agent Inspector Z 01

The special unit of anti-cyber terrorists belongs to Public Security Intelligence Agency. It is a cyber patrol group that runs at will through internet world without borders or racial lines by controlling state-of-the-art super computers. An inspector Asuka Kirishima gets into the cyber world on her own in order to defeat homicidal virus Meduza. After a battle against Meduza, she falls into a pinch. The inspector is humiliated by the viruses. Her co-worker forcibly gets the internet disconnected just in time and Asuka manages to come back home. Even so, she once again challenges Meduza after linking the PCs of all the inspectors to the main computer. But Meduza is even stronger... Meduza aims at dominating the human world in the shape of virus. To do so, it needs the data and password that allow for access to Asuka’s cyber world. Meduza subjects her to lewd disgrace and soak up the necessary data out of her body. If the password is passed to Meduza, the earth will be in danger! Hang in there, Asuka! Don’t give in to Meduza!

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