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TMS-17 Sword Girl

Gennma Clan is a terrorist group having an attempt to conquer the world. In the evil organization there is a girl who have been trained as a sniper named Sword Girl. One day she realized that it was General Gennma who killed her parents. Since then, turning her back to the Gennma Clan, she has been determined to fight against them! When she has come to the final battle with no trouble, genies, called together to send her to hell, are with bated breath awaiting! Power Genie attacks her with extraordinary strength; Smile Genie tricks her with psychological manipulation; Mystery Genie applies supernatural technique. Sword Girl gets into a tight spot... But, she is to receive body blow, choking, jujutsu, wooden pony torture, knotted rope, raping by inside ejaculation, coerced blow job, etc. When she cannot hold up and falls in a faint, they readily dash water on her! She is on the verge of breakdown, and finally...?!

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