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TKV-02 Heroine body blow 2

It’s Universal Century 0078...and those humans who, making use of genetic engineering of organisms, have qualities to become humanoid have expanded their habitation into the space. The underground terrorist organization, however, was barboring a design to declare a war by taking advantage of cyber-biosystem! In order to prevent the evil design, a brand-new beautiful humanoid girl, White Angel, rises to the challenge of dangerous battle! She presses ”Rumble Joes,” the boss of the terrorist organization, into the corner, but was caught off guard by the enemy and imprisoned, which led her to the tough corner. Rumble Joes begins to torture her to get out the secret of her super lightening energy. Suffering shattering body blows White Angel gets exhausted and becomes weaker... And then the torturer hits her stomach with electrical shock, keeps delivering body blows knocking her down on the floor. She looses her consciousness, fells down in a faint, and her eyes become fixated. When the torture becomes unbearable and as she was just about to tell the secret, a sign of pain has gone away from her eyes and the eyes regain energy... The torturer gets upset by her changed attitude, and again, repeats body blows on her reddish stomach. The blows make White Angel throw up stomach fluid and slobber, then faint in agony of pain. However, there is a secret hidden in her body...

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