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TJH-13 Mature woman heroine EPISODE13

Fifteen years had passed since the battle against the dictatorship Yapoo had ended. There had come a momentary solace in the world. Pheonix, who had protected the world and fought aginst the enemy, had retired from the role of heroine with the collapse of Yapoo and had married and been having a family life. However, Bio Fighter, Dragon, the remains of the scientific power of Yapoo, awakened and declared war against the country as Neo Yapoo. The purpose of Neo Yapoo was to catch Pheonix who had destroyed the old organization and cut down the fighting spirit of the citizen. Pheonix stood up to fight against Neo Yapoo to save the world from the threat of Neo Yapoo. But her husband was caught and so was Pheonix. Dragon tried to make Pheonix declare that the country fell into the hand of Neo Yapoo in front of the citizen. When Pheonix refused it, Dragon gave her the hell of torture with taking her husband hostage.

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