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THH-02 SUPER Heroine Domination 02

Damon School had produced elites for scores of years by its super-spartan education. But the excessive Spartan Education, which thoroughly excluded failures, did not always have good influences on the students. One day, a mysterious soldier, White Mask, saved a school girl who had been brought to the torturing room. The principal of the school got angry and played a clever trick on White Mask. White Mask stood face to face with the punishment executor No.13, who had the battle talent which would enable the overturning of the country. However, White Mask fell to the ground due to the overwheming difference of the power. Iron stick with spines attacked the bonded White Mask mercilessly. There also had a chain death match with No.13. Though White Mask managed to escape once, he went back to settle the battle aginst No.13 with weapons. He went to the torturing room again. But there waited No.13 and No.14. White Mask, unable to do anything before the two executors, fell to the ground by the series of torturers’s weapons.


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