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TGS-03 Tanatos Play Heroine of Cyber-space

Bored with life, Ami finds fun only in online battle games. She is champion of the games and today at home Ami starts playing the game like any other day, to have fun in the virtual world. Then another player, who always wanted to beat Ami but couldn’t, receives a strange disk. The player, suspicious at first, plays the disk anyway and finds it contains a virus that allows the disk’s owner to control the entire world of the game. Soon the player gets a chance to fight Ami again. Ami begins fighting as always, but this time she continues to be defeated by the player with the disk. The Player has become God Almighty in the game’s world, who can even change the rules of the games and finally Ami is defeated by the player. Battered and exhausted Ami is betrayed and attacked by her security program. The next thing she knows,the battle game has changed into an surrender game.

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