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TGL-02 Secret Investigator S.P. GIRL

In the near future in Tokyo... A conglomerate company called the Messiah Pharmaceutical co. strictly confidentially proceeds to develop a poison which dissolves any lives in order to acquire unlimited wealth. The Administration orders Ai who is a top gun female prosecutor of the secret investigation team to seize a trial piece of the poison capsule. However, Ai finds out an evil plot hidden in the mission, so she puts away the poison somewhere only she knows... But unfortunately, Ai is chased down by another shrewd female prosecutor Rin who turns her face to the evil side and loses her righteousness for the greed of money. Rin interrogats Ai about the location of the poison capsule with a secret interrogation manual called “Purple Note.” Ai is teased by punching, kicking, and other tortures like hanging from ceiling, hitting by tools, using electricity, and by special spooky lotion etc. But even if she is brutally beaten, she never loses her sense of justice and stares at the corrupted. However, she reaches her limitations and finally loses her physical and mental strength. In addition to that, she has to encounter a dyke torture by Rei!? How does Ai’s fate turn out!?

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