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TDLN-136 Heroine Nasty Hell - Space Special Detective Ami

The woman space special investigator, Hamy regains consciousness in a train, and tires to remember why she’s been on the train. But suddenly, a molester’s hands caress her buttoks. Hamy who feels anger is going to leave the molester at large and intends to catch the molester where the motion of the hands becomes intense. But Hamy cannot move her hands as if she’s chained down, and cannot catch the molester. The caresses of the molester become more intense and Hamy has to bear it and suppress her panting breath, because she doesn’t want to expose it to the surrounding passengers. However, this is a trap of a secret organization and demon world gang named Kuga (means a hollow tusk). It is the moral attack that the evil priest named Loo utilizes the evil mysterious beast named Tolu-Tolu in order to beat the Space Investigator Shyzer, and has Hamy. Though Hamy smashes the attack and stands face to face against Loo in the real world, the further surrender is waiting for her. [BAD END]

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