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TDLN-121 Female Member Tentacle Surrender[On Sale at Heroine Tokusatsu Stores and Available Online]

Mik Hayase, a member of the special force UNCRE engaged in extermination of unidentified creatures, sets out along with her Chief Ranger Maki Ichijo to the space station which has gone incommunicado, and they encounter aliens there. Stricken by aliens’ electro shocks and unable to resist, Mik has a horn piercing her breast and gets her life energy sucked away to fall in a fix. In the nick of time, she is rescued by Maki and together travel to the space station to be based there. On her mission to survey a nearby planet, Maki goes missing. Mik goes out to search for Maki but encounters Rufflesia, a tentacle creature. With countless tentacles, Rufflesia attacks Mik. Struck and squeezed by tentacles, Mik gets weakened, on whose body Rufflesia rubs its slimy liquid as if to caress her with the tentacles. Mik manages to flee through the crisis and gets back to the station, where she takes the shower and changes into the underwear, when Maki appears to greet her. Mik is rejoiced, but the tentacles strangle her neck and hold back her arms. She asks Maki for help, but Maki starts caressing Mik’s body. Mik resists Maki, while feeling ecstasy under the caress of Maki whom she so adores. Not only Maki but the tentacles join in to torture Mik. Soiled and annoyed by the slimy liquid Maki spews out, Mik fights back fiercely and finally Maki retreats. Mik goes after Maki to rescue her, but then and there finds Rufflesia and the dead body of Maki whom Rufflesia has puppeteered. Maki just cannot beat down Maki used by Rufflesia as a shield, although she knows it is only a cadaver. Unable to fight back, Mik is beat by Rufflesia’s tentacles, manhandled and screwed by Rufflesia and Maki. [Bad ending]

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