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STAK-13 Ghost Diary – Imari Lobster

[Episode 1] Imari Banjogahara goes to the Kenkei Academy. Everyone in the school knows that Imari is miss perfect but even she has an anguish of heart. One day, she met a lobster. And from that day on, her special power torments her. With the help of her classmate, Koyomi Mararagi, she might be able to solve the mystery about that lobster... [Episode 2] Koyomi Mararagi introduces Ashino to Imari. Ashino gives directions to Imari about how to remove the lobster. After purifying her body, she returns to where Ashino is. Just when she enters the room, the lobster appears out of nowhere. But even before negotiating, the lobster attacks her! Will Imari be able to separate from the lobster?

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