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GDSC-73 Grand Pink

[Opposite Domination] Grand Pink corners the combatants. But a different combatant captures her and there is a reversal of the situation. Pink gets punched in the face… Now Pink loses her temper and stomps on the enemy. The combatants beg for their lives but she does not stop. [Subjugation] A new enemy shows up: Galaxy Hunter Gend. He is way more powerful than Grand Pink. ‘You don’t have a chance!’ says Gend. The pink heroine has no choice but to fight against him to save the Earth but he overwhelms her… [Crucification] Grand Pink loses consciousness and wakes up by getting her face slapped. She finds herself getting crucified and exposing her vagina! Gend licks her nipples and shoves his finger into her vagina… And an ordinary man enters the room… ‘If you don’t want to die, you better start licking this bitch’ The man licks around her cunt to survive and Pink tries to stay calm… [Surrender] Gend releases Grand Pink and to change her position. He thoroughly stirs up Grand Pinks vagina for the final torture… He forces the beautiful girl to lick his cock and… It enters her vagina…

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