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GDSC-72 Miss Infinity

[Subjugation] Miss Infinity is imprisoned… The combatants crucify the powerful heroine and torture her. ‘You can never hurt me!’ screams Miss Infinity, but the combatants will not yield. They punch, beat her with a club, electrify, and shoot her with a rifle and… [Body Control] Miss Infinity is released from the crucifixion… She attacks the combatants for retaliation. But when the combatant takes out a mysterious doll, she cannot make a move. Yes, that was the new weapon the Organization of Evil had created. By taking in the spit of the target, this allows the owner of the doll to control the person. The weak combatants control the doll and forces her to masturbate. And soon after, Miss Infinity gives the enemy a blow job… [Drugging] For the next experiment, the combatants inject a new chemical into Miss Infinity. ‘What… is that?’ ‘Oh this? This is just a love potion… But it is very strong!’ Little by little, Miss Infinity’s body becomes warm… Then the combatant injects the chemical again! The beautiful fighter tries to remain conscious but it becomes very difficult and… [Surrender] Miss Infinity has gone insane and becomes a toy for the combatants. She no longer feels anything even after the combatants inject a different chemical into her butt… While they are injecting the chemical, a different combatants inserts his penis into her vagina and…

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