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GDSC-22 Female Sworder Rafina

[Domination] “Survive in the World” is the most popular online game in the world. Rafina is the assistant leader of the Holy Dragon Guild. But she faces the most powerful monster, Daross. Her sword is taken and the beating begins. [Insult] Meahwhile, Daross starts his conspiracy. The room is filled with all sorts of traps. First, Rafina falls into the “Self-Strangling” trap. Then the “Body Freezing” trap strike Rafina. Daross creeps his hands on the girl and screws her. [Vibrator] Rafina is now mind controlled by the enemy. Having a hollow look in her face and drooling all over the floor, the monsters use a vibrator to make Rafina squirt! Daross forcefully makes her go. [Hermaphrodite] Although it looked as if she had regained sanity. Rafina is sweating like a pig. Yes… she had already fallen into the final trap, “Physical Reconstruction”! On her groin is a giant cock. Fascinated by the size of it, Rafina begins stroking it! And a monster appears and helps her enjoy the pleasure.

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