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GDSC-19 Righteous Otaku Force Tera Pink

[Torture] Otanite is a rare metal that is only found in Earth. Barom tries to obtain an information about the Otanite from Tera Pink, but she refuses to answer. She gets punched in the face, kicked in the face, and stomped on... [Surrender] Barom plants a miniature magnetic generator on her neck. This was just the beginning of a catastrophe. Tera Pink is forced to put on a mask while getting disgraced by a lower combatant... And a mysterious creature is closing down on her genitalia. [Kiss] Gedrofine (a pleasure substance) is injected in her genitalia. Her head is banging and her sense of value is going mad. She kisses the reflection of herself in the mirror... [Female Pervert] Tera Pink is a complete slut now. She growls for the combatant’s screwdriver and sucks on it. Finally she begins stroking it and the semen droops on her precious helmet!!!

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