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CHSD-05 Heroine Chronicles - Hot Spring Hunter

There is a lone woman at the shooting range, piercing the target with every rifle shot. She is Yumi Saeki, an investigator. to whom her subordinate staff, Soma, rushes with a message. Soma: ”It’s code blue, issued by Counselor Nakajima.” Yumi’s expression changes. A few days later, Yumi is found sitting on the sofa at an office of a huge organized crime organization. In front of her is a man, known as M. M has given a condition: hit the target within three days, and she will be hired as an exclusive killer agent. With her shooting skill equal to the Olympic gold medalist’s, the condition is just a cinch for her. Yumi is now led to the roof top of a building, designated as the hit site, by Tokarev, the right hand man of M. Tokarev: ”The target appears at 6 every morning”. Yumi: ”Where do I sleep?” Tokarev points to a place, a little shack on the roof top. Tokarev urges her to open the bag. Out comes a scanty costume, barely to cover her body. Tokarev: ”A dozen monitor cameras will be focused on you. Don’t fuck up.” And, on the day of sniping, an emergency happens to Yumi as she holds the rifle to aim. A flop... Tokarev’s right hand man molests Yumi, punching, strangling and spanking her viciously for her failed sniping. Tokarev: ”You’ve got one more chance...”

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