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CGBD-29 Idol Force!! Mediums the Evil Busters - Triple Lancer F Vol.2

In order to rescue the Blue-Lancer who is about to be executed in public, the Yellow-Lancer damages herself with the will of self-sacrifice. Fury of the Blue-Lancer reaches the peak and chases down the Grudge-Ominousness Army’s monsters named the Slash and the Destruction. In the midst of the fight, she hears the news about her mother who was supposed to be killed. A couple days later, in front of the Blue-Lancer Megumi Takasugi, her mother who was supposed to be dead really appears. However, Megumi’s mother is actually the grand head of the Grudge-Ominousness Army named Youra. Megumi is so emotionally trembled, and she just manages to transform herself and fights against her mother; but each time Megumi sees her mother’s face, she hesitates to fight against her and is driven into a corner... Actually that is the Grudge-Ominousness Army’s last trap that drives the Triple-Lancer into total annihilation. The Blue-Lancer Megumi is captured and tortured, and her body with a special tempered suit is ripped to pieces with shape nails of the Slash and Megumi is damaged her flesh body. During the hard torture, the Blue-lancer Megumi is driven crazy with a sweat gentle talk of Youra exactly like her mother and is brainwashed by Youra. As the result, in front of the Red-Lancer and the Yellow-Lancer, the Blue-Lancer Megumi appears as a warrior of the Grudge-Ominousness Army... The Red-Lancer is beaten by the Slash and the Destruction, and the Yellow-Lancer is fallen into the dark side of the world and is totally beaten by brainwashed Megumi. The Triple-Lancer is driven into an imminent danger, and the invasion of the earth by the Grudge-Ominousness Army is surely about to come true... Well, how will be the destiny of the Triple-Lancer come out...!?

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