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Ryuzo Kitajima is an art collector. His collection is cursed, in that it deprives the owner of his right mind and bestows instead evil power and strength. Kasuga sisters, the three daughters of Ryuzo Kitajima, disguised as Night Cats, embark on retrieving the collection to seal off its curse again that was stolen after their parents had been butchered. Ai, the eldest of the sisters, gets trapped and kidnapped by Gashin Kurosaki, a mad art collector, when the 10,000-carat diamond, the Fairy’s Smile, one item of the collection is taken back. Mai, the second sister, goes into the enemy’s land to save her sister, where she is met by Black Snake and Red Bear, assassin sister agents called by Kurosaka, and a monstrous wrestler. Mai is so worried about her imprisoned sister Ai that she just cannot wield her full power, overwhelmed by assassin sisters. There appears Yoko Asaoka, a woman investigator. Mii, the third sister, sets out for the rescue of her sisters... Will she be able to seal off the cursed collection? A fierce battle follows.

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