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ATHB-04 Woman detective Action Battle

Chigusa Kudoh is a one-time pro wrestler turned detective after her father who’s been missing since a few years back. On the request of Investigator Kuroiwa, she sneaks into Minato-gumi’s office, a Yakuza outfit dealing in narcotics. She exerts her sufficient skills in picking and jamming in breaking into the office. While transferring the evidential data, she gets caught red-handed by two burly, masked body guards of Minato-gumi, whom she has been cautious with. Cornered, she uses her best fighting techniques and weaponry, but the burly men of steel muscles are no match for her. Chigusa gets captured and tortured, but she does not crack under chieftain’s grueling, seeking chances to escape. Will she be able to execute her mission alive...?

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