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ANIX-10 Nurse Soldier Reika

To save the world from vicious viruses, Reika has been fighting as Nurse Soldier with the help of sacred light power. While fighting, she has experienced loss of her colleagues to the vicious virus... How is it possible to save the world from Devil Zeus who inflicts people with vicious viruses? By changing vicious viruses into sacred ones with the sacred light power, or by obtaining the life stone that generates sacred viruses. Led by the apocalypse of the life stone, Nurse Soldier starts running but faces Duel, a cadre of Devil Zeus, standing in her way. Both engage in a fierce fight, but Nurse Soldier is soon overpowered by Duel and gets captured. Duel pours into Nurse Soldier’s body a volume of vicious viruses to turn her into a monster. Nurse Soldier is now tormented from inside her body... But, she manages to hold onto her hope and wrings out a miracle! Hard battle ensues between vicious and sacred viruses!! How will the world see the end!? [Bad ending]

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