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ZDAD-89 Sexual Dynamite Heroine 06 Fighter of the Sun Leona

Leona the Sun Fighter is given the mission by the Galactic Police to keep on watch with Queen Rina from the Planet Gargan, who is famous for invading other planets. Leona succeeds in becoming Rina’s private teacher; but as she spends more time with Rina, Leona feels dishonest because she finds out that the queen isn’t a wicked person. One day, a man whose planet was invaded by Queen Rina tries to kill her. While Rina is asleep, Leona transforms and drives back the enemy. But the queen’s attendant watches Leona and informs the queen about her private teacher. Queen Rina feels betrayed by Leona and attacks her, but Leona does not fight back because she feels bad for what she has done. Leona is now tortured by the attendant but Queen Rina cannot watch it anymore. She releases Leona but the attendant betrays the queen. After hearing the death of Rina, Leona returns for vengeance.

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