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TRE-35 Heroine Surrender Vol.35 - Accel Girl A(Angel)

Superheroine ”Accel Girl Angel” protects the world from the criminals with her sister ”Accel Girl Venus,” fighting together the underground syndicate led by the evil genius with the IQ of 300. The criminal mastermind discovers the secrets of the sisters’ planet Accel and their weakness, mineral ore called Kryptoner, by capturing and interrogating a still young and inexperienced fighter Venus. The syndicate leader’s real purpose is to revenge himself on Accel Girls and to humiliate and completely dominate them physically and mentally, by having a sex with the busty girls. Using the Kryptoner stone he weakens Accel Girl’s body, tears the leotard off, grabs and licks the boobs popping out. He enjoys watching her beautiful face now contorted in pain, pushes her to the floor and pulls the lower-half leotard off, to reveal the girl’s most private part, and he opens wide the pussy lips, thrusting his penis in between. Accel girl cries, ”No! Don’t put that in there!” but he ignores her plead, thrusting in and out deep inside her vagina, and after her repeated forced organism he cums inside her. Accel Girl is in utter despair of what happened to her ... and when the mastermind disgraces her sister Venus, too, Accel Girl, addicted to the joy of sex, also begins to assault her sister.... The syndicate boss revels in watching them, and again disgraces Accel Girl Angel and Venus like an orgy. The Girls are decorated as the symbol of their total defeat, with their bodies exposed stark naked.... [BAD END]

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